VDS Training New Graduate Toolkit
Online Course Creation
Cheshire, UK

VDS Training New Graduate Toolkit

Using an immersive approach with realistic clinical scenarios to explore veterinary communication skills.

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the challenge

As the leading provider of veterinary communications skills development, VDS Training came to us to develop a way to deliver training to more new graduates while maintaining the immersive feeling of face-to-face learning which roleplay actors facilitate.

THE process

Using a strategy and design workshop, we developed a course structure that discussed core communications skills alongside clinical scenarios. This course structure meant we could show specific clinical scenarios, and demonstrate the various ways these situations could be approached. We then selected roleplay actors and animal models to be featured in each video to bring the course to life in Trimble Group’s veterinary clinic set at our studios.

‘Working with Trimble Group was great from start to finish. The exploratory phase, where we had input from somebody who knew the industry, knew what we could do, and was actually able to bring our ideas to life, was phenomenal. The reception has been absolutely excellent, and I think the key to its success is that it's enabled us to bring our training to life.’

Carolyne Crowe
Head of Training, VDS
  VDS Training New Graduate Toolkit
  VDS Training New Graduate Toolkit

THE solution

The VDS New Graduate Toolkit is a modular online course that uses video to illustrate communication skills development in a practical and realistic way.