Filmmaker Gareth Dakin on Engaging an Audience
May 20, 2022

Filmmaker Gareth Dakin on Engaging an Audience

Gareth Dakin tells the story of his journey into filmmaking and explains just how powerful the medium can be.

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 Filmmaker Gareth Dakin on Engaging an Audience
Event Speaker

My interest in filmmaking began at University — back when I first gained access to the kit. From there, my passion grew; when I eventually could afford my own, I began to experiment with the medium. The technical, hands-on side of it took over my life. Through a lot of hard work, and developing my own creative vision, I built a career off it; and have since both led and collaborated on some pretty amazing projects!

Film and short form video, online, is currently the most consumed form of media. YouTube is the second most visited website and has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. These days, more of us are watching short film videos than than TV; it’s no surprise it’s such a booming industry that’s transforming the way we engage with — and process — information.

As a filmmaker, I’ve always believed in the power of film and its potential — and using cinematography we can create some incredible experiences that engage the viewer in a way that’s different than any other medium. The thousands of bits of information we collect every day through the senses gives us an idea of what’s ‘real’ experience and what isn’t — and you can manipulate, and emulate, this using film.

Take the example of a warm, sunny, hazy afternoon. Most of us can conjure up the happy, fuzzy and physical emotions that are associated with a holiday or a festival, or those relaxing, long days in a pub garden with mates. As humans, we use these reference points to spot patterns — and through this can begin to create relatability. The best way to engage an audience in a story is being relatable. And because you can recreate almost anything using film, it has to be one of the better ways to feed these signs and patterns to the brain. 

I’ve worked with a variety of brands over the years; but these days, at Trimble Productions, we’re adding genuine value to our clients through visual storytelling. And whether it’s producing a documentary short for a charity on YouTube – or creating a 15 module course teaching anaesthesia to vets and nurses – I play in the hands of how the viewer wants to consume their content. The end result is always the same – a product that’s engaging and entertaining to watch, communicating a story or lesson in a way that’s relatable; using some of the most innovative cinematography techniques and sign-based theory.

Gareth Dakin is a filmmaker and Head of Production at Trimble Productions; he has worked with a range of brands including Land Rover, Claire’s, White Stuff, Dune and Mamas & Papas.

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