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the storytelling and presenting for impact programme

for presenters, educators and key opinion leaders

Presentations can be high stakes
Even the most experienced presenters can feel anxious when facing an audience.  Lengthy, text heavy slides are time-consuming to create and challenging to deliver, making it hard for the audience to stay engaged. This can result in your key messages, product/service benefits or business strategies being overlooked or forgotten due to outdated presentation methods.

Harness the Impact of Visual Presentations

Learn how to capture an audience's attention and enhance your presentation techniques. Our immersive workshop will help you to craft memorable key messages and engaging presentations.


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What should I expect?

In this two-day workshop with our presentation coaches, we dive into a structured, hands-on process to make you confident, calm, and consistent at presenting on and off camera—using storytelling to format your presentations and lectures.

This workshop will give you and your team the foundations to apply our techniques to your own presentations on stage, within your organization, or with your customers. We have a carefully designed and tested curriculum, which we deliver differently depending on the group size and needs of our clients.

What will we cover?  

What is storytelling — and why it’s the most powerful tool for teaching and capturing your audience’s attention
Storytelling techniques and how to incorporate them into your presentations
Presentation structure, from introductions and how to grab and hold your audience’s attention and select memorable take-home messages
Slide design concepts and how to apply these in your own presentations
Handling questions
Confidence on stage — how to feel relaxed and in control in front of your audience
Practical audience engagement and interactivity techniques
Use of voice, pacing and pitch to enhance your delivery
Bring it all together — integrating the concepts you've learned into a presentation
Presenting on stage and on camera with practical hands-on exercises
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chat with our team

which programme
do i need?

We've developed a thoroughly tested curriculum, which is delivered in three formats depending on the group size and the specific needs of our clients.

team development programme
Veterinary Storytelling and Presentation Skills Workshop for sales, marketing and technical teams
Two-day workshop designed specifically for animal health professionals such as  sales, marketing, product managers, leadership teams and technical advisors.
Exclusive use of the trimble group studios and workshop for your company.
Group workshop programme
Veterinary Storytelling and Presentation Skills Workshop for individuals
Two-day face-to-face group workshop for individuals, specifically designed for key opinion leaders, presenters, keynote speakers, guest speakers, specialists and animal health professionals (sales, marketing, technical) who regularly deliver presentations as part of their work.
Great opportunity to develop your skills and meet other people in the animal health industry.
One-to-one workshop programme
Veterinary Storytelling and Presentation Skills one-to-one Workshop
Face-to-face or online one-to-one workshop for an individual wanting a more bespoke and personal programme. Specifically designed for key opinion leaders, presenters, keynote speakers, guest speakers, specialists and animal health professionals (sales, marketing, technical) who regularly deliver presentations as part of their work.

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Contact us to discuss the best option for you or your team and book your workshop.


step two

Our coaches work through our presentation skills and storytelling programme with you.


step three

You have the skills and confidence to engage, educate, and inspire your audience with memorable presentations.

meet the speakers

The workshop is taught by two experienced coaches who have a passion for teaching and engaging presentation.

Jon Robbins

Presentation and leadership coach

Jon is a veteran of performance in theatre and film, and master teacher who works in veterinary and business industries to help speakers make their message resonate and create change in the world. He is skilled at making our delegates feel calm, confident and consistent when speaking, and at challenging the way we approach presenting.

Toby Trimble

EBVS and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and AnalgesiaBVM BVS, BVMedSci, MVM, PgCert, Dip. ECVAA, MRCVS

Toby is an RCVS and EBVS Specialist in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia and the founder of Trimble Group. He focuses on making veterinary education engaging, visual, and memorable. With his team, Toby has created almost eight hundred CPD videos and live broadcasts. He works with clients internationally to improve their key messaging, on-camera presence, and visual presentation structure.

“The Storytelling workshop was amazing. We got pushed out of our comfort zones in a controlled and supportive environment and got to work on our individual worries. For me getting on stage/in front of people and those first 2-3min are the most nerve-wracking. We worked on several tools to transform that energy into a positive one… What a simple but effective way to empower yourself. I’m looking forward to a follow up. ”

Anna Cronin, EBVS Specialist in Small AnimalSurgery,
Wear Referrals Veterinary Hospital

“Fascinating and valuable workshop in a stunning location that really helps you clear your head and open up to a different approach. Both informative and interactive I came away hugely enthused and engaged to re-evaluate how I present information to others. ”

Claire Hodgson, British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support Charity

“A fantastic workshop from someone who is leading the way with educational methods. Not only did we learn the theory of storytelling, but the importance of production values in teaching. Storytelling promotes understanding. Production values capture your audience's attention. ”

Mark Bowen, Director of Education, European Board of Veterinary Specialisation

"What a great team Toby has pulled together at Trimble. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and patient group, who gently guide and coach you to produce exceptional content."

Dr Sue Paterson
RCVS & European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

"Toby has been fantastic to work with and delivered an exceptional, high quality piece of veterinary education on our behalf!"

Felicity Holford
Marketing Manager at Vetoquinol UK

"Professional and friendly production team in a top class location. Made all parties involved welcome and relaxed. Look forward to working on future projects together!"

Neil Mottram
Product Manager at Virbac UK

"Toby has a vision to make education engaging and finally end the dreary powerpointlessness or teaching. He has the skills and understanding to develop high-quality resources and work with people to bring their storytelling abilities to life. It is what veterinary education needs and deserves and it is what will drive engagement in the post covid hybrid model of learning."

Professor Mark Bowen
Director of Education at European Board of Veterinary Specialisation

"Working with Toby and his team at Trimble Productions was an absolute pleasure and I know that we would not hesitate to use his services again. Toby was able to instill the power of storytelling into our project and transform what we had into something far more impactful, meaningful and memorable. Well done Trimble, we look forward to working with you again in the future."

Jimmy Bratley
Veterinary Technical Manager at Ceva Animal Health

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