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Longview CPD

We partnered with Longview CPD to create an engaging and immersive online course — expanding their audience and helping them to enter new markets.

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the challenge

Longview CPD’s Chronic Pain Management Course has been a market leader for 12 years. They were looking to take their course to a wider audience and enter new markets, and partnered with our team at Trimble Productions to create an engaging and immersive online course.

Delivering CPD courses online can be challenging, and it can be difficult to maintain the same level of engagement and learning quality as face-to-face courses. Additionally, delivering face-to-face courses can be time-consuming, limiting, and not feasible for remote attendees.

THE process

Our team conducted a course design and strategy workshop with the Longview team, focusing on the desired outcome of the course and working backward to determine the course structure. We created visual storyboards, scripts, and engaging presentations and utilized animal models for the shooting at Trimble Studios.

Longview CPD
Longview CPD

THE solution

We designed an online course consisting of 29 units with engaging lectures, practical demonstrations, discussions, quizzes, case studies, and exercises. To generate leads and market the course, we created a series of high-quality marketing assets such as video clips, still photography — as well as a bespoke marketing event that attracted hundreds of veterinary professionals. By partnering with Longview, we were able to create an immersive and engaging online CPD course that was accessible to a wider audience and achieved their goals of entering new markets.