Medical Ethics
Online Course Creation
Sydney, Australia

Better Choices Masterclass

Trimble Group designed and created a course to engage and educate farmers, aiming to change their behaviour regarding the use of pain relief for their livestock.

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the challenge

Medical Ethics were looking for cultural change around encouraging farmers to use pain relief for their livestock. The Sydney-based pharmaceutical development company challenged Trimble Group to come up with an engaging concept to capture their audience with an innovative educational programme. A key aspect of this was to make sure the series did not come across as formal education but was relatable and easy to watch.

THE process

Through a series of collaborative workshops with the Medical Ethics team, we designed, scripted, and storyboarded the Better Choices Masterclass. We assembled a small team of key speakers and production crew in the UK, Australia and Singapore who came together in New South Wales, Australia for filming on location. Once we wrapped up the shoot, post-production was handled by our team in the UK.

"I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with the Trimble Group, who recently created an educational masterclass series for our livestock welfare brand based in Australia. I am absolutely impressed with the outstanding service, extensive skills, and the exceptional guidance provided by the talented team at Trimble Group."

Chantalle Elliott Zotch
Head of Marketing, Medical Ethics
Medical Ethics
Medical Ethics

THE solution

The Better Choices Masterclass is an engaging high-production value course which is informative, thought-provoking and inspires viewers to take action to use pain relief to improve the welfare of their own animals.