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We devised and created an innovative new format for Vetoquinol UK’s educational events — changing the way they interact with their client base and driving engagement.

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the challenge

As one of the largest providers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, Vetoquinol UK, are keen to stand out as a leader in the field in providing CPD to veterinary professionals.

We helped them develop an entirely new format that has changed the way they interact with their client base for educational events.

The traditional format of long, formal online webinars with PowerPoint slides have become so ubiquitous since early 2020 that standing out from their competitors was increasingly challenging.

THE process

Trimble Productions developed and produced a series of lectures which focused on alternatives to antimicrobials in veterinary dermatology,  The lectures were presented by European and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology Sue Paterson to give an objective view of the issues surrounding using antimicrobials and emerging technology which can aid the treatment of our patients. They were rehearsed and pre-recorded to give a professional quality and then live-streamed in high definition, with hosting and technical support from our experienced team.

"Toby has been fantastic to work with and delivered an exceptional, high-quality piece of veterinary education on our behalf!"

Felicity Holford
Product Manager Companion Animal at Vetoquinol UK

THE solution

We devised a new format for a veterinary educational event; The three-part live-streamed broadcast used cutting edge technology to engage the viewer in a high-quality live broadcast from our studios. To maximise the event’s impact, we partnered with to devise a structured campaign to publicise it to a network of more than 20,000 vets and nurses.

Almost 600 Veterinary professionals attended the Dermatology event, with more than 30 questions from the audience being tackled in the online live question and answer session.